Repair and maintenance of climate control system

In addition to recharging air conditioners we also detect leakages and repair air conditioning compressors.

NB! We recharge climate control systems of buses and vans also!

  • Unloading outdated refrigerant (R134A/R1234yf) and A/C lubricant,
  • vacuumization of climate control system,
  • supplementing new A/C lubricant into climate control system,
  • supplementing new refrigerant (R134A/R1234yf) into climate control system.
  • Detecting climate control leakages.
  • Repair of air conditioning compressors.

You can find our services price list here!

In recharging and repairing air conditioners we use top quality Supercool brand products!

Valvoline, Shell, Mobil 1, Addinol